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I never once imagined starting my own small business but here we are! It all started a couple of years ago, after speaking with an English student of mine.  During our individual lessons together, she explained that she was sent to Malta to study English and follow an internship program by her university, which obliged her to experience life working in an English speaking country. So, she came to Malta with all of her life savings, most of which she invested into her internship training program.

Being a student of a business university, she was very excited and looking forward to experience her three-month internship program in Malta.  Unfortunately, her excitement was soon shattered as she found herself in a local tourist attraction park where her role was selling entrance tickets and dressing up in themed costumes to entertain children, barely having to communicate in any language, let alone practicing English.

This is how the idea of Switchbird started to develop. I believe everyone deserves only the very best service. This is why I make it a point to individually interview all of my clients and make sure they are matched with an internship program that is fitting, interesting and satisfying to their needs.  Something that will inspire them, help them grow, and challenge them.

Switchbird Internship Training Malta
Switchbird - As bright as you can be!

We’ll help you work on the future you really want and push you to be as bright as you can be!

We have a variety of different packages, as well as a large database of businesses to help place you in the best and most fitting internship position. Have a look at the package offers we have and feel free to contact us for more information.  If needed, our packages may be modified to suit any of your needs or requests, just let us know what is required.

Not looking for a work stay in Malta? Why not take a look at our English study program or our events section?

“We take pleasure in being a small business that can give our clients all the attention and care they need. We believe that this statement reflects our loyalty and dedication to our clients.”

Michelle, Founder

Who We Are


After having spent a number of years working in the ESL (English as a Second Language) industry, Michelle had the idea of starting this business. After being asked for advice and assistance, she decided to work directly with students who wanted to find a temporary internship while studying, or after having relocated to Malta.  In her teaching experience, she met many students who would request private lessons focusing on interview training and work related topics.

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What People Say

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Renato Pinto

Renato from Portugal

Hello, my name is Renato. I’m 23 years old and  Portuguese. After finishing my degree in electromechanical engineering, I decided to do an internship abroad to boost the start of my career and, at the same time, to improve my English. 

I chose Malta as a destination as the weather is good almost all year round, the cost of living isn’t very different to Portugal and because of the fact that many young people from all over the world study at the many English schools that Malta offers. Meeting young people of my age and being able to create a social life abroad is important to me, and helps to maintain mental health. 


ITM Ainhoa IMG_7893

Ainhoa from Spain

Meeting Michelle was definitively the best thing that happened to me during my stay in Malta. She is an awesome person, full of good energy and who always is wearing a smile on her face!

She is very professional in everything she does. As an English teacher, she manages and adapts her classes according to what you need to improve on. I strongly recommend Michelle as a teacher to everybody. (more…)

ITM Genia IMG_7818

Genia from Russia

The world is so beautiful and amazing – that’s why I decided to improve my English. English helps me to discover and explore the world, countries, cultures, different food, to meet new friends and to be happy and free. Do not afraid of this challenge. You have many possibilities to do it and Michelle will help you.  (more…)


Olga from Russia

Learning English was always a dream of mine. Several years ago I decided to go to Malta to fulfil it.

There, I met Michelle. She was working as a teacher in the English school I studied with.

This is was my first experience studying English with enjoyment and interest!  (more…)


Alexandra Amann from Germany

I got to know Michelle during my stay in Malta whilst I was studying English. Teaching and learning can sometimes be boring, but not with Michelle! She is very friendly, down to earth and always maintains a relaxed atmosphere in her class whilst keeping it professional. That is the reason why we had a lot of fun together. She corrected my mistakes and showed me alternative ways of expressing myself. (more…)


Gunay from Germany

Michelle’s English classes were so good, because she encouraged everybody to speak. In this kind of atmosphere it was easy to adapt in a fast way, so you immediately feel connected to the other classmates. Personally, I think that Michelle is always in a good mood, so even you are having a bad day, you still feel motivated to speak and learn English.



Liliana from Poland

Three years ago I visited Malta for the first time. I fell in love with this charming place and I knew I would come back here soon. After about a year I moved to this picturesque island with my fiancee and dog. Apart from the lovely views and food, we were impressed by the helpful and kind people. (more…)