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What Switchbird Offers

We offer all our clients personalised support to ensure that the experience in Malta is a memorable one. We will address any questions, problems or requests to the best of our abilities.

Interested in working in Malta?

We can help find you the best placement which matches your interests.

Requirements for internship placements

As interns are placed with different local companies and businesses, our clients must meet the requirements for internship placements. The intern must be at least 18 years old.

The individual must have the ability to communicate in English at minimum B1 level. If the intern’s level of English is not of the appropriate level (minimum B1), an intensive English group or individual course may be booked to help prepare the individual for his/her internship placement.

The intern must also hold a valid health and liability insurance and have a valid E.U. passport or visa.

Internship placement length and duration

The minimum placement for any internship is that of 4 weeks. The time spent working may vary depending on the host company’s needs. However, a week will not consist of more than 40 working hours. These may also differ according to different duties given or the position held by the intern.

Internships For Locals

If the client is a Maltese national, the minimum age for an internship placement is 16 years old. This opportunity is offered to encourage students studying at 6th form level to experience work in the field they chosen to study and specialise in.

Want to improve your English skills?

Let us help you find the best school in Malta to match your needs.