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Switchbird offers 3 main packages

Internship, English Study and Accommodation

Our Internship package is designed for people, both students and adults, looking to gain work experience in an English speaking environment. You may need experience for a specific course you are studying for our simply are interested in trying out a new line of work.

Our English Study package is offered to people who would like to improve their knowledge of the English language. We help manage your booking within the many language schools found in Malta and Gozo.

Our Accommodation package is a service whereby we help to find the best and most comfortable housing to suit our client’s needs. We offer a variety of different accommodations for you to choose from.

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This is aimed at individuals wishing to experience working in Malta.
Review of CV
Assessment of level of English by a qualified and experienced English teacher
Job interview training
Finalisation of fields of interest and internship placement
Introductory meeting with the host company for the internship placement
Certificate of internship placement
Performance report from host company
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English Study
This is intended for individuals who wish to study or revise their knowledge of the English language.
Finalisation of type of course (general English, business English, specialised English, individual course, conversation course)
Finalisation of length of course
Booking confirmation (with school)
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This is simply an accommodation service.
Search and finalisation of preferred accommodation
Accommodation agreement
Viewing of accommodation and hand over of keys
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Applying for an Internship with Switchbird

Once confirmation is made, the client will be requested to submit a copy of his/her CV in English, which will be reviewed and any corrections or improvements discussed. The client will be informally assessed make sure he/she meets the minimum required level of English and will also receive training and practice for job interviews. The fields of interest of the individual as well as the internship placement will then be finalised and an introductory meeting is set up between the intern and host company. At the end of the internship placement, the client receives a performance certificate from the host company.

If individuals are not from the European Union or Schengen countries, a visa to travel to Malta might be required.

We advise you to contact the embassy in Malta to discuss if it is necessary for you to have a visa. In some cases, the process of getting a visa might take some time so we recommend you apply at least 3 months before you plan to come to Malta. Please email us if you need any further information.

Learning English in Malta

The local English language schools offer a variety of different courses such as general English, business English and specialised English, which may be booked in groups, mini-groups or in individual lessons with a private tutor. When our client informs us of the type and the length of the course interested in. We find the appropriate school and handle all the relevant bookings and confirmation of the course.

Booking Accommodation as an Intern in Malta

Need a place to live during your stay in Malta? We can help you by finding the best accommodation to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in an apartment, host family or hotel, let us know and we can manage this for you.

How it works:

There are many different options for accommodation. These mainly include apartments (single or shared), hotels and host families. Following confirmation of the type of accommodation wanted, we will then search for the best option as close to the internship place of work as possible and present them to our clients. The accommodation agreement is then finalised between the individual and the owner of the accommodation. Upon arrival in Malta, we meet the client at the accommodation to make sure everything is in order and to hand over the keys. We also help the individual settle into their lodging. Basic information about facilities and amenities in the neighbouring area are also discussed.

As mentioned above, we are informed by our clients as to which type of accommodation and area of the island are preferred.

Once the accommodation is accepted, the agreement between the individual and the owner is made. We meet and welcome all our clients once they arrive to be able to show them the lodging and give them basic information about the surrounding area.

Got questions?

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Supplementary Services

Apart from the basic packages, we offer a variety of supplementary services. These are separate from the internship placement and are provided to ensure your experience with us is as stress free and as memorable as possible! Each service comes at an extra charge depending on the service needed.

Accommodation Basket

You may also be interested in booking our accommodation basket to help you feel more at home. The basket may be personalised as you wish and includes a choice of bed linen, towels (bath and/or beach), electrical adaptor and housekeeping service.

Grocery Shopping & Home Delivery

A number of our clients do not have the time to travel to supermarkets and back home on the bus with bags of shopping. Therefore, we offer a grocery shopping and home delivery service to try to make your stay in Malta as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Transfers to and from the airport

We know how difficult it might be to organise transport in a new country. Buses take time and may not be direct, taxis are not cheap and in Malta we have no train service. However, don’t worry, we can help you by picking you up from the airport and taking you directly to your accommodation once you arrive in Mala. When your stay here is over, we will also arrange to take you back to the airport from your accommodation.

Local SIM Card

For individuals who are planning a long stay in Malta, we can organise for you to have a local mobile SIM card and number for you to be easily contacted and for you to easily keep in touch with us or any local contacts you may have.

Sightseeing & Tours

Malta is an island full of adventure and historic places. Being only 316km2, it is easily explored within a few days.

  • Handbook and map of Malta – This basic guidebook gives you some information about local sights and attractions. You will also be provided with an easy to follow map to be able to trips around the island.
  • Excursions and sightseeing tours – Let us know what sights you may be interested in and we can arrange local tours and excursions with experienced guides for you to go on.

Events & Parties

Many local as well as international events are hosted on our little Mediterranean island. They vary from fun family events, to local village feasts, to large summer boat or dance parties.

  • Schedule of social events and parties – This is an updated list of what’s on and when with some basic information about each activity.
  • Event and party tickets – Interested in an event or party? Contact us with the details and allow us to book your tickets for you.

Gym & Sports Activities

If you enjoy filling your free time with gym work or sports activities, Malta has more than 65 health and fitness clubs for you to try out. Many of these clubs also offer group classes which are a fun way to meet people and practice English socially.

English courses with a school or a private teacher

If you’re worried about not having the appropriate level or knowledge of specific vocabulary and language needed for your internship placement, why not book an English course? We can help by managing the booking for your lessons whether you are interested in studying in a group class or individually with a private teacher.